Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Measure II on the Sample Ballot published by the City of Riverside


(Community Police Review Commission)

The current City Charter does not include the City's Community Police Review Commission as one of the enumerated City boards and commissions. The Community Police Review Commission was created by ordinance of the City Council in April of 2000.

If passed by a majority of voters, this measure would add the Community Police ReviewCommission to the Charter, with the same powers and duties as already established byordinance of the City Council. Such powers and duties would include the following:

(a) advise the Mayor and City Council on all police/community relations issues; (b) public outreach to educate the community on the purpose of the commission; (c) receipt and discretionary review and investigation of citizen complaints against officers of the Riverside Police Department filed within six months of the date of the alleged misconduct; (d) review and investigate the death of any individual arising out of or in connection with actions of a police officer; (e) conduct a hearing on filed complaints or commission-instigated investigations when such hearing, in the discretion of the commission, will facilitate the fact-finding process; (f) require the attendance of witnesses, through subpoena, and the production of books and papers at commission investigations; (g) make findings concerning allegations contained in the filed complaint; (h) advise the Riverside Police Department in matters pertaining to police policies and practices; and (i) prepare an annual report to the Mayor and City Council on commission activities.

If Measure "II" is approved, there would be no direct fiscal impact to the City. This measure would not impact the City Council's current obligations under Section 801 of the City Charter. Section 801 provides that the City Council shall budget funds which in its opinion are sufficient for the efficient and proper functioning of City boards and commissions.

By: City Attorney, City of Riverside

The above statement is an impartial analysis of Measure "II." If you desire a copy of the proposed Charter language, please call the City Clerk at 951-826-5557 and a copy will be mailed at no cost to you or view the full text at www.riversideca.gov.


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