Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Proposed addition to the City Charter

If passed, Measure II would add the following section of text to the Riverside City Charter:

Sec. 810. Community police review commission.

There shall be a community police review commission which shall have the power and duty to:

(a) Advise the Mayor and City Council on all police/community relations issues.

(b) Conduct public outreach to educate the community on the purpose of the commission.

(c) Receive, and in its discretion, review and investigate citizen complaints against officers of the Riverside Police Department filed within six months of the date of the alleged misconduct in writing with the commission or any other City office as established by ordinance of the City Council.

(d) Review and investigate the death of any individual arising out of or in connection with actions of a police officer, regardless of whether a complaint regarding such death has been filed.

(e) Conduct a hearing on filed complaints or commission-initiated investigations when such hearing, in the discretion of the commission, will facilitate the fact finding process.

(f) Exercise the power of subpoena to require the attendance of witnesses, including persons employed by the City of Riverside, and the production of books and papers pertinent to the investigation and to administer oaths to such witnesses and to take testimony to the extent permissible by law. Subpoenas shall only be issued by the commission upon the affirmative vote of six commission members.

(g) Make findings concerning allegations contained in the filed complaint to the City Manager and Police Chief.

(h) Review and advise the Riverside Police Department in matters pertaining to police policies and practices.

(i) Prepare and submit an annual report to the Mayor and City Council on commission activities.

Note that the City Council would still have control over the CPRC's administration, e.g., its annual budget, designating the total number of commissioners, selecting commissioners from applicants, etc.


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