Friday, October 29, 2004

Press conference announcement

Press Conference to address Measure II
Legacy of the Tyisha Miller Killing – Justice Served

Community Police Review Commission Created in Response to Her Case

Protecting us is their duty. Ensuring that they are fair, firm and consistent is the community’s duty. Riverside Coalition for Police Accountability (RCPA) is a broad based community coalition with representatives from numerous organizations and a long-term commitment to community involvement in oversight of the police.

RCPA has been educating and encouraging voters in Riverside to vote “Yes” on Measure II, a proposed amendment that would make the Community Police Review Commission (CPRC) part of the Riverside City Charter.

Bill Howe, a Retired Police Chief of UCR from 1983-1988 is a strong supporter of Measure II. According to Mr. Howe, “When I was a working police chief, I was against police oversight, however, since I retired and have seen some of the things that have happened in law enforcement, like the Tyisha Miller case, I have changed my mind and believe police oversight is needed.”

WHAT: Community response to voter decision on Measure II
WHO: Linda Dunn, Spokesperson for the Riverside Coalition for Police Accountability, and representatives of the Riverside City Council, the Community Police Review Commission, and the Tyisha Miller Steering Committee
WHERE: Zacatecas Restaurant, 2472 University Ave., Riverside, CA.
WHEN: 10pm – November 2, 2004 “Election Night Event”

The press is cordially invited to attend.


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