Sunday, January 02, 2005

CPRC Executive Director position slashed to half time

We are dismayed by the recent decision to weaken staff support for both the Human Relations Commission and the CPRC by creating one Executive Director for both. Coming less than two months after the new permanence of the CPRC (the passage of Measure II) this is very troubling, and bundling it with an attempt to weaken the HRC at the same time speaks volumes to the community. These are the two commissions that symbolize and operationalize outreach to the community.

The RCPA position on this decision is:

  • Both the CPRC and the HRC require full-time Executive Directors.
  • Pedro Payne, formerly the Executive Director for the HRC and now split 50-50 between the two commissions, should be left in place and a full-time Interim Executive Director should be found for the CPRC.
  • A national search for a new Executive Director for the CPRC should be opened ASAP.
  • The qualifications for the CPRC Executive Director should include experience in police oversight and/or law enforcement, with a strong record of community work.

This new staffing arrangement takes effect on January 5, 2005. We are categorically opposed to it.